Q: What does my certificate include?

A: You were gifted a complete family portrait session in our fine art studio against our hand painted David Mahue fine art canvas backdrop along with one 8x12 inch fine art canvas portrait of your family. The portrait is finished on fine art canvas with full retouching. Masterpiece portraits in size 20 inches and above are hand painted. 

Q: Does my fine art canvas heirloom portrait include the frame?

A: Your portrait will not include a frame, however, most families choose to frame their portraits with us in order to complete their art piece. A portrait framed in our studio will come mounted and guaranteed. We take great care to protect your portraits from scratching which can sometimes happen in the mounting and framing process, especially for framers that may not be familiar with the delicate nature of our fine art canvas portraits. 

Q: Can I have a flash drive with all my digital images?

A: No we are sorry, we do not offer digital negative collections. Everything that leaves our studio is in the form of finished heirloom wall art for the walls of your home. 

Q: Do you offer prints?

A: Although we do not offer prints, we do offer Treasure Box and Story Box collections of artwork for your tabletop. This is a separate collection of artwork that is not covered by your certificate. 

Q: How many ordering appointments can our family have?

A: We offer one ordering appointment with each gift certificate. All decision makers/both parents must attend this appointment. 

Q: Do you keep all the images after we place our order?

A: We only keep the images you order. 

Q: What can I do with the extra 500.00 included in my certificate?

A. You can apply the 500.00 towards a more adequately sized wall portrait for your home, or additional portraits, giving you a total of 3000.00 to apply to another size. It is not applicable towards framing or tabletop displays. 

Q: If I have more than one gift certificate can they be combined?

A. Although the gift certificates may not be combined, you are welcome to use them one year apart from each other.

Q. How long can I wait before coming in to my selection appointment?

A. Selection appointments must be attended within 6 weeks of your portrait session. 

Q. Can I transfer my certificate to a friend or family member?

A. We are sorry however the certificates are non-transferable. You are welcome to include up to 7 friends or family members including extended family.

Q. Can I redeem my certificate for cash?

A. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash. We do hope you will come in and enjoy the experience!