We welcome you to the studio! 

We are truly looking forward to working with you to provide an enjoyable experience, along with creating magnificent portrait art for the walls of your home. 

We know you will cherish your heirloom portrait art for generations to come. For most people this is a once in a lifetime chance to have portraiture of this caliber commissioned.

Here is a list of the top 7 things to consider before we meet for our portrait session;

1. Clothing will be explained in detail. We have a dress code for you to follow. 

2. Take a look at the walls in your home and take into consideration what you would like to see yourselves wearing in your portrait art.

3. Begin to consider a location for your wall art in your home. Take measurements and cell phone pictures to show us at your reveal session.

4. Speaking of your reveal session, we require both parents/all adult decision makers to attend. 

5. Our session will be held in the studio.

6. Please do not arrive late to your appointment, we are typically booked with back to back clients. 

7. Cancellations must be made two weeks before our scheduled date otherwise your certificate could be void. Thank you for understanding.

 In addition to your gift;

You are under no obligation to make any additional purchases and there are no out of pocket expenses, however most of our clients do decide to use their certificate to apply towards a size that is appropriate for their home. In the case of an upgrade to a larger portrait size we offer a variety of bonus items to thank you for your purchase. Please inquire about the bonus items at our reveal session (depending on the time of year the bonus items will differ). 

Our studio does in-house custom framing as well. Since all the artwork we create is finished on fine art canvas, the pieces will need to be framed. Our frames are meticulously finished by hand from master craftsmen with decades of experience. Our frames are made from scratch and have closed corners with no visible seams, unlike the industry standard of "chop and join" molding. Our frames were carefully chosen to accentuate the style of our artwork and highlight the beauty of the skin. 

The best part about our framing is that we will guarantee your portrait for life if you frame it in our studio. The reason why? Our hands will be the last to handle your delicate artwork before it is framed. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!