“Marla is just SO personable and kind. She's GREAT with children and knew tricks to get my kids to focus that I'll surely be using at home! Lol. We had an all around fantastic experience.”
Keri Sledge-Mellon


“Marla is a wonderful person and an amazing photographer. She was able to really capture our little girl's spirit. We cannot wait to book a family session in the summer!!!”

Deanna Ballheim


“Marla did a fabulous job shooting my two daughters - their joy, fun-loving nature, even their biking rivalry. I had a really hard time choosing which shots to print!! I highly recommend Marla. Her portraits are wonderful and she's a pleasure to work with!”

Linda Wagner Douglas


“Marla was recommended by a family friend, and definitely lived up to their description. She is friendly and professional, and chose a beautiful setting for my daughter's senior pictures. Class act all the way!”
Rachel Ervin


“I look at a lot of photographs shot by a lot of different photographers. Marla is simply a brilliant artist. Her passion, creativity, skill, talent, and dedication show through. My eye was first caught by the priceless moments she is able to capture with children, but immediately I was impressed by her bold, adventurous use of color - both brash and subtle.I recommended my 18 year-old (aspiring photographer) daughter study Marla's work for inspiration and examples of proper composition and lighting; and to see how digital darkroom effects look when they are done right.”

Jim Selleck


“I used to work in the modeling business, so I have worked with a lot of photographers. Marla Michele's photography is outstanding because she truly captures the joy, the light, the spark that lives in everyone she shoots. This is Marla's gift, and we are so lucky to have her. THIS IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER YOU WANT.”

Heather Marie Irish


“Marla is WONDERFUL!!! She works very well with babies and makes them very comfortable in front of the camera. The pictures that Marla takes are absolutely stunning! She has an eye for things that us mere mortals don't see until we see it in her pictures. You can't go wrong with Enchanted Photography!”

Lauren Shelton

“Marla is super talented and fun to work with. I've only seen three of our photos so far and they are already the best I've ever had taken of my children. This is the best Mother's Day gift ever (I'm so glad I asked for it). Thank you Marla!”

Stephanie Jill Hodges Chew



“Marla is an extraordinary photographer! She is able to truly capture her subjects...whether they are happy, sad, giggly...whatever. Plan to use her talents ALWAYS!!”

Belle Kohen


“Marla is amazing! The pictures she took of my nephews and niece are so great and I can't wait to display them. She definitely captured each of their personalities....even the 1 week old!”
Robyn Glasser

“We love the stunning photos that Marla took of my daughter and me. She was beautifully patient with us and I am so grateful. Looking forward to our next session!”

Dani Gillman


“We had so much fun this morning with Marla, taking pictures of our newborn daughter Avery. Marla was phenomenal to work with and did such a great job capturing creative and visually stunning shots. (She was also super patient with a somewhat fussy newborn and very curious dog). The previews look beautiful and we can’t wait to see the final shots. Thank you Marla!”

Neil Simmerman


“Marla took our engagement photos last spring. We had so much fun during our photoshoot and Marla had great ideas for different locations/poses!”

Jessica Castiglione


“Marla is simply awesome. She is an artist rather than a photographer and loves what she is doing. I met her in a meditation workshop and knew instantly how sensitive and wonderful person she is. When I requested her for my maternity shoot, she made my best experience into the best memory and I love to see myself big and beautiful. She is simply awesome”

Kirti Agarwal

“Marla…WOW is what everyone says who sees the photos that you took of Spencer & Carson. You truly captured their personalities 100%!!! We can't wait until Spring when we find that perfect urban location for a family session. More and more referrals always to come.”
Melissa Wolf-Litvin

“Thanks for the great pictures! Can't wait until they are hung on my wall!!”

Amy Fridson Reifler


“Marla is an incredibly talented photographer! She truly captured the essence of our children and family and is a pleasure to work with. I have also used her for my business where she photographed models in a natural setting to create a look book for my website; www.michelesaulsondesigns.com - the photographs are amazing!!! I have received many compliments on these images and have referred many people to Marla both for personal and professional use. Marla is also one of the kindest, most caring, sincere and giving people I know.”

Michele Eichner Saulson


“Just picked up our pictures and showed the family, all loved them. Marla did an amazingjob and was easy to work with!”

Marla Goren Zack


“I am in awe of the gorgeous photos that Marla took of my daughter. The look that she captured is truly magical. What I enjoyed most about our experience was that it was not a typical sit and snap with a background, but rather an organic experience where she captured our daughter in the moment. She was recommended by a friend and we are so happy we have booked a family session already!”
Brooke Leiberman

“Marla did an amazing job and really knows how to capture beauty in time. Very patient, professional and wonderful with children! You can tell she takes pride in her work. Her pictures are absolutely stunning! I'm looking forward to working with her again.”

Tina Tapia


“Marla is a wonderful photographer. She has calm, kind energy that children respond well to. She does an exceptional job working with them and capturing their essence. She has a wonderful eye and is great at what she does.”

Ann Fancy


“Marla took some of the best pictures I've ever had of my two kids. She really connected with them and showed their inner beauty.”

Heather Bowman-Tomlinson


“Love how Marla has an amazing ability to capture a moment in time! Absolutely breathtaking!!”

Robbie Franklin Sherman


“Marla was a pleasure to work with!! My children were so calm and we all really enjoyed our experience at the photo shoot. The pictures came out stunning!! Thank you so much Marla for bring so patient with us and for capturing such beautiful moments of my family!”

Micky Klein


“Marla is that rare photographer who really captures the heart and soul of her subjects on film. Her creative vision and technical expertise guarantee exceptional images that will be cherished for a lifetime.”

Elizabeth Cusulas


“Marla has an artistic touch with her photography that makes her work not just a moment recorded, but a keepsake that forever captures the story of family, love, and loyalty.”

Kay Bratt


“Marla is truly amazing! The sneak peeks are so perfect... I will have a very hard timechoosing. Thank you!!!”

Mara Litinsky Kravitz


"As an Artist myself, I am constantly blown away at the artistry involved in Marla's photography! She really captures her subject's personality and inner essence. I love that she inspires her subjects to really let down their guard and SHINE! On top of all that she is really a good soul with an awesome attitude that is contagious! Keep it up Marla...The world is more beautiful with your creative eye/lens to help us see clearer!" ~Michele Ewald-Shornak

"Marla is a fabulous photographer! We had a such a great experience with her from start to finish! She was able to get all 3 of our kids to focus, look at her, and most importantly smile, which can be challenging when you are dealing with a 2 year old :)! She also has fantastic follow up skills and is so quick to respond and get back to my wife and I when we have questions or need anything. I would recommend working with her to anyone! We couldn't be more pleased!"
~Michael and Tiffany Fleischer

"Marla is a true artist who sees her subjects with such imagination and passion. She brings to life the beauty and essence that she sees with each and every shot. To be with Marla during a photo shoot, one can see why her subjects glow. She is so talented, passionate, and engaging. I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Marla. My family chose Marla to take our daughter's senior photos. Every shot was gorgeous! My daughter spoke of "never feeling so beautiful in all her life" during her outdoor photo shoot with Marla. The experience and photos are priceless! Thank you Marla for sharing your gifts!" ~Julie Bartholomew

"Marla took pictures of our family. From the moment I first contacted her via phone through till the end where she delivered our photos, she was extremely responsive, professional and also patient (especially with our 3 year old daughter) and easy to work with. When I saw our pictures, I was absolutely thrilled with them and would recommend Marla to anyone." ~ Sitka Gruntova


"Marla is a phenomenal photographer! She has incredible talent to capture the most candid portrait shots. I especially love her sensibility when working outdoors, in nature. The pictures turn out so natural as she seems to know exactly when and where to click for stunning results. But her professionalism goes well beyond that. You'd think it would be an impossibly overwhelming task to later choose from the many beautiful options she gives you for enlargements & prints, but she makes it very comfortable and easy with her process. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you, Marla, for the beautiful photos of me and my daughters." ~ Ana Flavia

"Marla has such a fantastic vision. Her art is truly breathtaking. She is professional and flexible. She was great with my young children, which is always a plus! We are always so excited to see what she has captured." -Maran Grant

"Marla did such an excellent job of capturing our family and all my 4 children's unique personalities. She made the process painless and fun. And the pictures she took will grace my walls for many years to come. Just beautiful! Thanks Marla!!" - Maureen Fienman

"It is a joy to work with Marla and watch her create amazing pieces of photographic art. We will cherish the beautiful photos she took of our daughter and we will recommend Enchanted Photography to all of our family and friends! Amazing artist, incredible work, outstanding customer service!" - Janis Traynor

"Marla's work is extraordinary- the perfect blend of passion, emotion and talent. Her fine art pieces capture priceless moments, allowing them to last a lifetime." - Rachel Black


"Marla is an amazingly talented and professional photographer whose work is absolutely outstanding. Marla has a unique ability to capture such detail and emotion in her portraits, that you honestly could not ask for more. A portrait by Marla is a gift for life." - Susan Edni


"Marla's Fine Art Portraiture is unlike anything I've seen before. It's a breathtaking mixture of photography and painting. Our family enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend Marla in any capacity. She offers exceptional quality and the professionalism you'd expect throughout the process. We're thrilled!" - Jody Castiglione Trierweiler


"Marla was such a pleasure to work with!!! A friend of mine recommended her to me when I was looking to surprise my husband for his birthday with portraits of our children. When I met her I found her to be a truly inspirational person and very dedicated to her trade. I knew I made the right choice. The pieces that hang in my husband's office turned out amazing!! If you are looking for a patient, gentle and creative photographer...choose Marla!! You will not be disappointed!" -Jeannie Beverly